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SC-KeyLog 2.25

log keystrokes

Program Name: SC-KeyLog
Version: 2.25
Category: Activity Monitoring
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Author: Soft-Central
Download size: 798.49 kB
Popularity: □□□□
Rating: (0.0) Rate it!
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SC-KeyLog - description of program

SC-KeyLog is a compact and easy to use activity logger, that captures all keyboard input and saves it to a log file of your choice. In addition to logging entered characters, SC-KeyLog logs also the names of the active programs and date and time of entered characters. It can be set to run automatically whenever Windows starts and also includes command line options. The logfile is stored in an encrypted format and decrypted on-the-fly upon entering the password. The program is designed to run untedeted and can be customised in various aspects, so that there are no common signs of logging activity. SC-KeyLog can also send the log files by email in regular intervals, allowing you to monitor activity from a remote location.

The most common mistakes for SC-KeyLog
C-keylog | Ac-keylog | Dc-keylog | Wc-keylog | Zc-keylog | Xc-keylog | S-keylog | Sx-keylog | Sd-keylog | Sf-keylog | Sv-keylog | Sckeylog | Sc-eylog | Sc-jeylog | Sc-leylog | Sc-ieylog | Sc-meylog | Sc-kylog | Sc-kwylog | Sc-ksylog | Sc-kdylog | Sc-krylog | Sc-kelog | Sc-ketlog | Sc-keulog | Sc-keglog | Sc-kehlog | Sc-kezlog | Sc-keyog | Sc-keyoog | Sc-keykog | Sc-keymog | Sc-keylg | Sc-keylig | Sc-keylkg | Sc-keyllg | Sc-keylpg | Sc-keylo | Sc-keylof | Sc-keyloh

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