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Furious Biker 2.0

Furious Biker - it's a cool biker arcade!

Program Name: Furious Biker
Version: 2.0
Category: Arcade
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Freeware
Price: 0
Author: FunGamesGalaxy.com
Download size: 7.51 MB
Popularity: □□□□
Rating: not rated yet Rate it!
Screenshot: click to view

Furious Biker - description of program

Furious Biker is a sparkling biker adventure. Engine roar, wind noise in the ears, and hundreds of miles of the road up front - that's all that a real biker needs. Always wanted to drive a heavy bike? Clothe leather jacket, gloves, western boots, and dart away along the highway? The game Furious Biker will present you with unforgettable minutes of real biker drive. Manoeuvre between cars; avoid obstacles to get to the next level. Now at your disposal are a cool bike and a mighty gun on your belt. Hit the gas and show them how cool you are. Don't forget to shoot-out with the cops, they're gonna be right on your tail. Watch out, you'll have to demonstrate all your skill. Beside the road you'll have to collect the prizes. Blow up hostile cars, and you' get bonus scores. Huge tracks are going to be on your way - shoot them and you'll get super bonuses - cool weapon, fuel or vitality. Each time more obstacles are going to be on your way: boxes, barrels, road signs - avoid them in time so that to keep in saddle of your iron horse. Furious Biker - is a bang-on action! Gear graphics, cute soundtrack and unforgettable road drive. Download Furious Biker game and play for free!

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