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SmartPOP2Exchange 6.3.3

POP3/IMAP Connector for SMTP/Exchange server

Program Name: SmartPOP2Exchange
Version: 6.3.3
Category: E-mail tools
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Shareware
Price: 77.95  Buy 
Author: JAM Software
Download size: 8.17 MB
Popularity: □□□□
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SmartPOP2Exchange - description of program

SmartPOP2Exchange helps you to connect your existing POP3 and IMAP accounts to an SMTP or Exchange mail server. SmartPOP2Exchange works in background and downloads all messages from various POP3/IMAP accounts and forwards them to your SMTP/Exchange server. It also supports downloading of RSS Feeds and delivers them as mails to specified account. An easy to use configuration tool allows you to adjust common settings like download interval, timeout, log file etc. and to add, delete or configure your SMTP/Exchange and POP3/IMAP accounts. An additional Remote Control Software for SmartPOP2Exchange allows you to do all this from any other PC over network. A configurable spam filter allows to tag or delete mails, which have been identified as spam. The popular SpamAssassin software is used to identify the spam mails. SmartPOP2Exchange also supports a flexible and powerful set of rules which allow you to define additional actions for certain messages. Nearly all installed virus scanners can be used by SmartPOP2Exchange in order to identify mails infected by a virus or trojan.

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