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AAA Logo Software 1.10

create professional logo designs

Program Name: AAA Logo Software
Version: 1.10
Category: Image Editors
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Shareware
Price: $49.95 (Free Trial)
Author: SWGSoft
Download size: 4.33 MB
Popularity: □□□□
Rating: not rated yet Rate it!
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AAA Logo Software - description of program

AAA Logo Software is a very powerful, yet easy to use program to create highly professional logos from a set of customizable templates, custom fonts, and thousands of high quality design objects and clipart that come ready-to-use with the software. You can design a logo from scratch, or use one of the base templates to get started. The base concept can then easily be customized in every aspect. The program uses an intuitive WYSIWYG editing approach, that allows full control over the design, without requiring you to have any editing experience. Don`t be fooled by the rather generic name, the program produces some very impressive designs, that can easily measure up against many professional logo designs.

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