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When is Too Much Color Too Much?

by Paul Hood

At the onset of creating a digital document for printing, you must have decided if you are going to use two or more colors for your type. It is important that you must have familiarized yourself with the basics of color and color combinations and its effect on the appearance of your text. Knowing beforehand pertinent knowledge can save you a great deal of energy. Not to mention headaches.

Lifetips states that "When designing a digital document for printing, try not to use a build of more than two colors for your type. When a color is needed which uses more than 2 colors, this may cause colored drop shadows, due to registration. While in the design stage, try to pick a PMS which is built using only one or two colors."
The importance of having a sound plan as to what design you will follow throughout the project cannot be stressed enough and here Lifetips once again hits home. As it is, printing particularly small types in more than one color can be very difficult. Doing this will result in fuzzy or hazy images which is likely not what you had in mind. The best thing to do, as Lifetips says, is to make sure that you have made a plan and a good design for your print type.

Even the best of plans go awry, so if you are already there still are things that can be done to solve the problem. In cases when you have to print types in two or more color, be sure that the type to be colored is not smaller than 12 point. Small types ideally have to be printed in just one color. Larger types can be printed with two or more color provided that one of the colors be very light.
Above are sound tips that will be very useful for your printing tasks. Using the right color with the appropriate size of types will yield satisfying results. But then again, nothing beats a sound plan.
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